The Cassting project is composed of three core work packages, which correspond to three directions of work we will develop during the project: game-theoretic foundations for the study of collective adaptive systems, development of efficient algorithms for synthesising such systems, and practical issues related to the implementation of the synthesised models.

WP1: Game-theoretic foundations for collective adaptive systems

The game-theoretic approach to the automated synthesis of reactive systems is currently a considerable way from being able to handle the characteristic properties of collective adaptive systems, namely interactions between a large number of heterogeneous systems having their own roles and objectives. Work package WP1 will lay the foundations of a game-theoretic approach to the study of collective adaptive systems, by defining appropriate formalisms for modelling, reasoning about and synthesising such complex systems.

WP2: Algorithms and Tools for Synthesis

While WP1 aims at defining new formalisms and establishing their basic algorithmic properties, it will not focus on developing practicable solutions to the main problems that the CASSTING project targets. Work package WP2 aims at designing symbolic and modular algorithms, convenient data structures, and efficient tools for handling the formalisms defined at work package WP1.

WP3: From Strategies to Implementations

In order to bridge the gap between the theoretical approach of the previous two work packages and our case studies, work package WP3 will focus on implementation issues of our theoretical techniques. This includes handling the physical imprecisions that are not taken into account by the mathematical models, computing succinct representations of strategies, or synthesising mapper scripts for adapting strategies to real infrastructures. Those aspects are usually overlooked, but are crucial for being able to apply our formal techniques on our case studies.

All three main work packages will have as a principal objective to feed a fourth work package, which will offer case studies and demonstrators for bringing our results face to face with practical situations. Our demonstrators will also serve as the basis for work package WP5, focusing on dissemination and exploitation of the results, algorithms and techniques developed within the CASSTING project.