Founded in 2006, Seluxit is an agile international team working in Aalborg, Denmark. With its roots in home automation and smart energy, Seluxit provides end-to-end Internet of Things solutions, from embedded hardware and software, wireless communication protocols, IoT platform with gateway integration and user interfaces. Seluxit is privately owned by Daniel Lux and Morten Pagh Frederiksen.

SELUXIT will mainly contribute to WP4, by testing the developed methods in a real environment and exploiting the results by implementing the solutions in the existing system.

Key staff members

Daniel Lux is the co-owner of SELUXIT and has studied computer science in Groningen in Holland with a focus on Artificial Intelligence.

Morten Frederiksen is the other co-owner of Seluxit and is responsible for the hardware develop- ment at Seluxit.

Andreas Madsen is the Lead Programmer at SELUXIT and has studied computer science at the University of Aalborg. Andreas Madsen has a broad experience with complex control algorithms and the complete SELUXIT system.

Henrik Sørensen has extensive experience with renewable power-generation technologies and how to integrate them into a complex smart-grid environment.

Brian Boyles is Seluxit’s Project Manager. He has a diverse background in marketing and communication, web design and front-end development.