RWTH Aachen Universität

With about 33,000 students, 454 professors as well as 2,000 academic and 2,000 non-academic colleagues, RWTH Aachen Universität is one of the leading universities of technology in Europe. The university budget amounts to 658 million Euros of which about 227 million Euros is third-party expenditures. Since 2008, it is one of the 9 elite universities in Germany. Its teaching and research are characterised by a distinctly international, practice oriented and interdisciplinary approach.

The Computer Science Department is part of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, and consists of 13 full professors, 10 associate professors, 4 assistant professors and about 2,800 students. The Group of ”Logic and Theory of Discrete Systems” consists of two full professors, one assistant professor, and about further 15 staff members (PhD students and post-doctoral researchers).

AACHEN will act as leader of WP3, contribute to the research in WP1-WP3, and be responsible for contacts to other projects in the field in WP5.

Key staff members

Prof. Wolfgang Thomas leads the Group of Logic and Theory of Discrete Systems at RWTH Aachen University. He has contributed to automata theory by research papers and surveys that belong to the most highly cited articles in the field. He is co-author of a well-known textbook on mathematical logic. In the past 15 years he has set his focus on automatic synthesis over state- based systems. He has been invited to numerous keynote lectures, among them at ICALP, LICS, and—on the subject of synthesis—at ETAPS 2008 and CAV 2012. He is initiator and speaker of a DFG research training group ”AlgoSyn (Algorithmic Synthesis of Reactive and Discrete- Continuous Systems)”, collecting around 25 PhD projects in computer science and engineering. He holds an honorary doctoral degree of ENS Cachan, France, and he is member of Academia Europaea.

Dr. Christof Löding is assistant professor (Privatdozent) in the Group of Logic and Theory of Discrete Systems at RWTH Aachen University. He received his PhD in 2003 and his habilitation in 2009 (both at RWTH Aachen University). He is co-author of about 30 research and survey papers in automata theory, logic, and the theory of infinite games. He has served in about 10 program committees of international conferences and workshops, and is member of the steering committee of the international summer school MOVEP on ”Modelling and Verifying parallel Processes”.

Namit Chaturvedi obtained his bachelor’s degree from Indian Institute of Technology–Bombay, and his master’s degree from National University of Singapore. He has a professional experience of 5.5yrs in the R&D team at Honeywell Technology Solutions in India, where he primarily worked on automata based solutions for decentralized authorizations in access control. At present, he is a Research Assistant in the team of Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Thomas at RWTH Aachen University. His research focuses on automata theory and synthesis of distributed, reactive systems. Whenever possible, he tries to learn more about parameterized algorithms and graph theory.

Benedikt Brütsch is a PhD student under the supervision of Wolfgang Thomas. He received his Diplom (comparable to master’s degree) in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen University in 2012. The focus of his research is the synthesis of reactive systems. He is currently working on succinct representations of strategies in infinite games.

Sarah Winter is a PhD student under the supervision of Christof Löding. She received her master’s degree in Computer Science from RWTH Aachen University in 2014. Her research activities focus on synthesis of tree transducers.