Laboratoire Spécification & Vérification

LSV is formed of 25 permanent researchers and 25 PhD. and postdoc students. Research at LSV is focused on the verification and synthesis of critical systems and software, on the verification of computer system security, and on database theory. The research program at LSV integrates fundamental long-term research together with applied activities, led in cooperation with academic and industrial partners within European and national projects.

LSV is internationally recognised for its expertise in formal verification of embedded systems (model checking, games for verification and synthesis, quanti- tative analysis of real-time systems). LSV is or has been involved in several related European projects, including the European Networks of Excellence ARTIST2 and ARTIST Design, the FP7- ICT project QUASIMODO, and the ESF project GASICS. LSV also participates in a number of national initiatives: it was the coordinator of the DOTS and CORTOS projects, and takes part in the on-going ImpRo project.