The Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, is a multidisciplinary structure governing scientific research in France.

Within the CASSTING project, CNRS is represented by LSV (Laboratoire Spécification & Vérification), a joint unit of CNRS and ENS Cachan (Ecole Normale Supérieure de Cachan).

More about LSV

CNRS/LSV is the coordinator of the project (hence leader of WP6), and responsible for dissemination (WP5). LSV is involved in all work packages of the CASSTING project, with emphasis on WP1 and WP3.

Key staff members

Dr. Nicolas Markey is a CNRS researcher at LSV. He holds a PhD. in computer science from Orleans University in 2003. He is the leader of the TEMPO group (5 permanent researchers, 5 students), focusing on the verification of timed systems at LSV. His research interests include the analysis of timed systems and non-zero-sum games, and the study of temporal logics. He has published over 60 papers (h-index 20 at Google Scholar). Nicolas Markey was team leader for CNRS in the recent projects FP7 QUASIMODO and ESF GASICS.

Dr. Laurent Doyen is a CNRS researcher at LSV. He got his PhD. in 2006 from ULB. His research activities focus on the development of algorithms and tools for the design and verification of reliable software, hardware, and embedded systems.

Dr. Dietmar Berwanger is a CNRS researcher at LSV. He obtained his PhD. from RWTH Aachen in 2005. His research concentrates on the study of logical and algorithmic foundations of interactive systems, and of infinite-game theory.

Daniel Stan is a PhD student under the supervision of Nicolas Markey. He received his Master in computer science from ENS Cachan in 2013. His research focuses on mixed strategies and randomization in concurrent games with non-zero-sum objectives.