Energi Nord

Energi Nord A/S is a Danish energy trading and counselling company based in Aalborg. ENORD is co-owned by three energy companies, namely by ENV, ESV and HEF. The primary business objective of ENORD is to act as the electricity distribu- tion company on behalf of its owners, while managing operational and customer related tasks. ENORD co-owns Denmark’s largest trading company, Energi Denmark. ENORD was founded on 16th January 2001. However, its competencies within the field of distribution of electricity can be traced back in time. Geographically, ENORD’s main presence is in Northern Jutland but the company provides services to other customers throughout Denmark. Currently ENORD distributes electricity to 162,000 customers and this supply equals to 1,8 TWh. ENORD employs over 50 people generating a turnover of 600 million DKR (80 million EUR). ENORD’s expertise encompasses sales and billing, energy advisory service, and customer service.

The Danish electricity market was liberalised in 2000. Since then ENORD has been maintain- ing its leading position in Northern Jutland as well as increasing the number of customers from outside the region and strengthening the position of its brand on the national level. ENORD supplies electricity to both private households and large businesses, and it also provides energy management advisory services to both groups of clients locally and nationally. In addition to that, Energi Nord has been commissioned to manage projects abroad. ENORD advisors are equipped to carry out all aspects of complex technical tasks involving all types of energy. From the begin- ning of 2010 ENORD clients will be able to access a new service, which will enable them to track their personal energy consumption via the company website http://www.energinord.dk.

ENORD currently distributes invoices to 162.000 customers based on their consumption dis- played on their individual meter. All meter readings are currently carried out manually, but from 2010 ENORD will be implementing remote Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) for households. Re- mote readings for business clients are already commonly used. Customer service is a high priority area for ENORD. This includes personal customer service on the phone or via e-mail and the services provided via the ENORD’s web site. ENORD is currently developing new features that will extend the web-based functionality for individual household customers.

ENORD will participate in WP4, cases 2 and 3, by providing access to the needed infrastructure through selected customers. It will also provide monitored data from its database, offering a solid baseline for evaluation of the new algorithms developed by the project.

Key staff members

Keld Lotzfeldt Pedersen is skilled in advising small and medium industrial clients in all energy areas. Keld’s experience includes analysis, measurement, recording, reporting and evaluation of complex energy consumptions. Through his work with business customers, he has gained a great deal of knowledge in the demands customers make to management, regulation and monitoring. His skills also include knowledge of webbased energy management programs targeting both private and business clients.