Aalborg Universitet

AAU-CISS, the Centre for Embedded Software Systems, is a Danish ICT competence centre focusing on embedded system and committed to collaborative projects between research and industry. The centre is located at Aalborg University, internation- ally leading in the area of model-driven development and tools for and their application to industrial embedded systems. CISS spans CS and EE research groups with 2 full professors, 15 associate professors, and at any given moment 15-20 PhD students. In addition, the centre conducts a Elite Master education within embedded systems granted by the Danish Ministry of Research.

AAU is the leader of WP4 on case studies, and will substantially contribute to all main work packages (WP1 to WP5).

Key staff members

Dr. Kim Guldstrand Larsen is a full professor in computer science and director of the centre of embedded software systems (CISS). He received his Ph.D from Edinburgh University (Computer Science) 1986, is an honorary Doctor (Honoris causa) at Uppsala University 1999 and at École Normale Supérieure de Cachan, Paris 2007. He has also been an Industrial Professor in the Formal Methods and Tools Group, Twente University, The Netherlands. His research interests include modelling, verification, performance analysis of real-time and embedded systems with application and contributions to concurrency theory and model checking. In particular since 1995 he has been prime investigator of the tool UPPAAL and co-founder of the company UP4ALL International. He has published more than 200 publications in international journals and conferences as well as co-authored 6 software-tools. His H-index (according to Harzing’s publish or perish, January 2012) is 54 (the highest in Denmark). He is life-long member of the Royal Danish Academy of Sciences and Letters, Copenhagen, and is member of the Danish Academy of Technical Sciences. Since January 2008 he has been member of the board of the Danish Independent Research Councils (bestyrelsen for Det Frie Forskningsråd), as well as Danish National Expert for the European ICT-program.

Dr. Arne Skou is associate professor in computer science at Aalborg University and vice-director of CISS. He obtained his PhD in computer science at Aalborg University in 1989, and is currently coordinator of the ARTEMIS project ENCOURAGE focusing on Energy Grid and Smart Houses.

Dr. Alexandre David is associate professor in computer science at Aalborg University. He holds a PhD. in computer science from Uppsala University 2003. His research activities focuses on theory and tools supporting the analysis of timed automata and timed games with strong contributions to the tool UPPAAL.

Dr. Jiri Srba is associate professor in the Department of Computer Science at Aalborg University in Denmark. The main area of his interest is within concurrency theory, in particular: software verification, timed-arc Petri nets and timed automata, process algebra, modal transition systems, weighted automata, decidability and complexity issues for various classes of infinite state systems.

Jakob Haahr Taankvist is a PhD student under his supervisor Kim Guldstrand Larsen. He received his Master in computer science in 2014. His research focuses on the intersection between formal methods and machine learning. Using machine learning techniques to develop efficient algorithms to be used in the field of formal methods.

Peter Gjøl Jensen is a PhD student under the supervision of Kim Guldstrand Larsen and Jiri Srba at Aalborg University. He received his Masters Degree in Computer Science from Aalborg University in 2014. His research focuses on bridging the gab between theory an practice by creating efficient and usable tools. This involves the creation of novel methods and models as well as optimized implementations.